Cancer Studies

Cancer is a complex genetic disease that results from a combination of genetic and environmental perturbations to biomolecular networks that typically maintain a homeostatic balance between normal cellular functional states, such as proliferation, apoptosis, and differentiation. Using genome-wide genomic and proteomic measurements of cancer cells (primary tumors, distant metastases, cell lines treated with chemotherapeutic drugs, etc.), coupled with computational approaches, we can gain insights into cellular dysfunction underlying cancer onset, progression, and metastasis.
At the same time, accurate and early diagnostic markers are critical to the prevention and treatment of cancers. Genome-wide measurements of cancer tissues, combined with statistical pattern recognition and machine learning approaches, allow us to determine sets of informative genes or proteins whose measurements may be used for prognosis or diagnosis. Examples include: distinguishing subtypes or different stages of a cancer, determining whether a cancer has metastatic potential, predicting survival or the likelihood of a successful response to a therapy.


Featured Projects

  • TCGA: The ISB/MD Anderson Genome Data Analysis Center

      The Institute for Systems Biology/MD Anderson Cancer Center Genome Data Analysis Center – TCGA The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) provides an unprecedented opportunity to take an integrated approach toward a systems level understanding of regulatory disruptions in cancer. Such disruptions and their consequences are intertwined within complex dynamical networks through a multitude of interactions among different types of molecules. Understanding such relationships requires multivariate analysis methods that can be…

  • The Cancer Genomics Cloud

    The ISB Cancer Genomics Cloud: Leveraging Google Cloud Platform for TCGA Analysis Sheila Reynolds, Michael Miller, Phyliss Lee, Kelly Iverson, Kalle Leinonen, Zack Rodebaugh, Lesley Wilkerson, Preston Holmes, Nicole Deflaux, Dennis Ai, John Lucena, Simon Fung, Sandeep Namburi, Yan Zhang, Walter Dula, David Pot, Jonathan Bingham, Ilya Shmulevich The ISB Cancer Genomics Cloud (ISB-CGC) is one of three pilot projects funded by the National Cancer Institute with the goal of…