CRI iAtlas

The Cancer Research Institute (CRI) iAtlas is an interactive web-based platform and set of analytic tools for studying interactions between tumors and the immune microenvironment.  iAtlas supports the adaptive exploration of cellularity of the tumor microenvironment, immune expression signatures, tumor mutation and copy number burden, cancer driver mutations, adaptive cell clonality, patient survival, expression of key immunomodulators, and extracellular interactions. The platform allows researchers to study how these characterizations of tumor immune responses are interrelated, and how they vary among individual tumor types, tumor subtypes, and immune subtypes.


J. A. Eddy, V. Thorsson, A. E. Lamb, D. L. Gibbs, C. Heimann, J. X. Yu, V. Chung, Y. Chae, K. Dang, B. G. Vincent, I. Shmulevich, J. Guinney, “CRI iAtlas: an interactive portal for immuno-oncology research,” F1000Research, Vol. 9, 1028, 2020.