The ISB Cancer Genomics Cloud

The ISB Cancer Gateway in the Cloud (ISB-CGC) is one of three National Cancer Institute (NCI) Cloud Resources tasked with bringing cancer data and computation power together through cloud platforms.  Since its inception as an NCI Cancer Genomics Cloud Pilot, it was led by former lab member Dr. Sheila Reynolds.  Currently, it is directed by our lab member Bill Longabaugh.

The ISB-CGC is a collaboration between the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) and General Dynamics Information Technology Inc. (GDIT). Since starting in 2014 as part of NCI’s Cloud Pilot initiative, ISB-CGC has provided access to increasing amounts of cancer data in the cloud.

Read more about it on this Google Cloud page.

The ISB-CGC aims to serve the needs of a broad range of cancer researchers ranging from scientists or clinicians who prefer to use an interactive web-based application to access and explore the rich TCGA, TARGET, CCLE, and COSMIC datasets, to computational scientists who want to write their own custom scripts using languages such as R or Python, accessing the data through APIs, and to algorithm developers who wish to spin up thousands of virtual machines to analyze hundreds of terabytes of sequence data.

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ISB-CGC has been funded in whole with Federal funds from the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, under contract No. HHSN261200800001E