Cultivated Meat Modeling Consortium (CMMC)

The Cultivated Meat industry promises to mitigate climate change, world hunger, and ocean depletion by displacing fish, poultry, and greenhouse gas emitting livestock with affordable, cultivated meat over the next two decades. Designing products that meet consumer demands and expectations will require extensive prototyping prior to mass production.

The mission of the Cultivated Meat Modeling Consortium (CMMC) is to accelerate the delivery of affordable high-quality cultivated meat products through the use of computer modeling, which promises to replace months of laboratory experimentation by minutes of computer simulation.  Virtual experiments using such models will cost much less and enable scientists to hone their choices of the more expensive and time-consuming experiments, thus accelerating R&D.  The CMMC members’ vision is to collaborate on the development of computational modeling approaches the industry can use to optimize growth processes and product characteristics.

Recently, the CMMC has been awarded a two-year research grant from the Good Food Institute and a six-month Proof-of-Concept grant from Merck KGaA (Darmstadt, Germany) to develop whole-system models of proliferation in innovative bioreactor designs. The focus is on the integration of agent-based three-dimensional biophysical cell models, using the Biocellion simulation platform, with computational fluid dynamics to predict behaviors of individual clusters of cells that are proliferating within bioreactors.

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