In 2010, our group received seed funding from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) to develop a way to simulate computational models of tumor cells at tissue scale, in the hundreds of millions or billions of cells.  Working closely with ISB Affiliate Faculty Dr. Simon Kahan (at the time at PNNL), we created the high-performance platform, Biocellion.

Please see the video below, which features Dr. Lee Hood giving an example of a skin model, for more history about Biocellion and how it can be used to model multicellular systems.

You can also visit the webpage of, whose vision is to displace live experiments with computer modeling and simulation. Biocellion SPC, incorporated in 2013 in Washington State, is a for-profit social purpose corporation whose mission is to increase productivity in life science R&D while also reducing its impact on living systems and the environment. Biocellion software is available at no cost for non-commercial use.