Vesteinn Thorsson

Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Thorsson works on developing computational methods to identify possible mechanisms of gene regulation, by integrating measurements from genome-wide assays (such as gene expression arrays and sequencing) with phenotypes and clinical data, both in health and in disease. This work involves identifying key molecular components, as well as interactions among them. One aim is to provide researchers with tools to better utilize the power of such technologies in understanding biological networks. Dr. Thorsson has developed methods to derive predictive models of gene regulation in model organisms such as S. cerevisiae, Halobacterium and mouse, in which networks components can be learned though systematic perturbations such as environmental changes and gene alteration. In mammalian systems, Dr. Thorsson’s work has focused on understanding the components of macrophage activation in innate immune response, and on identifying molecular signatures associated with colorectal and stomach cancer.

Computational Biology

PhD, Physics, Stony Brook University, 1992